.......i wish i was lying.....

I always kinda have had a crush on ryan burke.........but i always knew he'd be taken. but now my best friend and him are crumbling. but she understands these things. I have the worst timing. but i hung out with him last night
and i doomed!!!

i finally got over ryan e...........
i just heard whom made volleyball.
duh...mariah didn't make it!!!!!!!
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...the years are goin by so fast

wow... what can I say, the years are goin by honestly so fast. Look at us omg, were changing so much. I started reading all these livejournal entries....I am starting to tear. So many good memories, boyfriends, crushes...just good times. I am gunna miss alot of you guys in highschool, just because were goin to the same school-doesn't mean we are still gunna be close. WE are gunna seperate. Deary...I am tearing.

This summer....
Well, I had the majorest crush on ryan erskine, but I don't anymore, he is gunna be my guy best friend. I guess....But I have been feeling alittle jealous of stephanie grimes and brandy. Stehpy is so pretty.......that's all i will say for now. But like recently I have been feeling that I have been brandy's sidekick and everyone loves her. Like I lose every guy i've liked to her literally. Just make me so ferious. She is my best friend...which helps my tolerance. But, It makes me angry. So many rumors are goin on right now about ryan e and her. He thinks she screwed him over....um not really buddy, you happend to like her and she flirted with you. You can't get angry. Well, today is our last newsies day. I gotta go take a shower. I will put some pics of it on here soon...and livejournal updaters!! we need to reunite!!!!


lots of love...
Sarah Jay
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Summer Love

.....wow....so many emotions runnning through me.
I rele like ryan, I honestly don't understand why- truely. He is amazing but can be a jerk at the same time! I wanna hate him so fricken bad but i can't seem to resist...seriously. I love his smile his laughter. I love when he hugs me. I serioulsy like him him. I can't love him I can't!!!!! He says he has so many problems as if he is the only one....We all do, and i think he needs to understand that.... i wanna bring him back to the old ryan...not this preppy i wanna fit in asshole! I want a summer love....like in the notebook...but fairytales never come true
What about wishing stars- do those wishes ever come true. I am goin to kt and asma's party tonight- it's outside..maybe i will have my shooting star..

lots of luv
Sarah jay

nanananna...wow it's been a long time

wow...today was pretty interesting...if you'd ask me. WEll, we had a short day. so i went to hang out with cass. We took forever making brownines and then we started watching the PHANTOM o man the best movie!!!!! Anyways.......um gotta check up on my community. but some of the kids went a lil crazy on me...but i wanted to do that to....oh well....

I gota go....

lots of luv
sarah jay

I am at home!

Well, today I home with my mother. We are goin shopping...I wanna get some shades and a tee shirt! But we are goin to hobby lobby. Anyways, last night was pretty cool!!! I hung out with erskine, his mom is so friendly. Yet, his dogs attack me everytime!!! Well, it was too cold to play bball and chris couldn't do anything.....So we chilled, i watched him play some video games....and all that jazz. Anyways, I came home and relaxed. I made chocolate chip pancakes!!!

Hum now i am messing, I think for crushed out girl i am going to make a contest or something to make it more active!!!

Lots of Luv
Sarah Jay!!
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I have a lot on my mind. For example 4/20, I know a lot of cats are goin out there to smoke tonight. For one, Mariah; she is the one whom says andy is dumb for doin it, and just cause its the holiday she is going to smoke a joint!!! Kt marran is goin also. It kills, literally. Well, see the thing is, is that i dunno if i am more upset that i am not goin to or if it's because it's bad. I dunno, i am extremely messed up. See and erskine he is always on me mind. I want to go out with him, but i don't wanna ask him!!! I like him to much, but yet i don't think he likes me. Anyways, My dad is out of town!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! Some type of freedom....I will have a lot more access to the computer!!! OOOO oooo Yea...
Well, I gots ta go!!!
Lots of luv,
Sarah Jay
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Every story Has an ending, but in my life, every ending is a new beginning

Well, lately a lot of things have been on my mind. Here at home, I feel suffocated. Kailan doesn't know how to get a life. She is constantly always in my buisness, she reads my aim conversations, she talks to my friends, and of all things she reads my diary. My diary obviously has my most deepest secrets in it!!!!! Like she pulled one today, saying Matt thinks I am ugly. I mean it doesn't matter, yet, she said it to boost herself. Not cool. My mom and I are bonding more, like the night before easter I helped her out with easter baskets we talked about everything. We had an odd moment, like I laughed and mom spazed because I sounded like her mom. That is extremely scary. Anyways, I can't bear my step-dad he is a fuckin bitch!!! He is always on my case. I mean he isnt letting me do volleyball. I am so worried, about my future, I mean andy and I have been decussing it. I honestly wanna get into, working for fashion magazines. I would love it. Yet, I dunno If I want to go for my dreams, That would be BroadWay!!!! Psshh yea right. I gotta focus on my school grades nowadays. This break I have to clean up this place, because we are gettin our house checked for new windows and stuff because this house is so old. And I have the social studies project. i was suppose to babysit today so I can save up for my green day ticket, but it was a no show. *sigh* that is bad. i am goin to be makin a scrap book for 8th grade. I have been searching for my graduation dress. Today, I will prolly be goin to cass's with brandi. Lately, I have been thinkin about ryan. I can't get him off my mind. I think I like him, rele like him. I can't have him obviously he goes out with stephanie. Yet, from what ryen tells me, he possibly doesn't like her. *sigh*. I dunno whats wrong with me and my horomones. I swear. I thought I liked chris b, but he has been an ass lately. I think it's more because I kno he can be nice, yet he doesn't show it. I am gettin sick of some ppl. I just wanna cry. Like Tif and i used to be rele close, but then she says like rude comments. When I tell her something about a guy, she says no your just sayin that because u like him..... I just go ugh! but it hurts. I mean,I am gettin alot of help. Like Naomi, she helps me alot more. Yet, she knos me. So she mends to my feelings, and understands that i am sensitive. I so mad at Jeremiah even though I barely kno him. HE IS A PIMP!!! and yet he goes out with DAWN, that loud obnoxious thing!!!!!! Blah. Anyways, Friday was a rele good day. I mean it was the one good day, I sang that whole day with happiness. The Crazylympics, that was fun. Our ghetto school, walmart gift cards. Anyways, Saturday was boring as fuck. And then yesterday, was fun. My mom was actaully happy, but I am gunna go

lots of luv
Sarah Jay
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